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Marketing apps

We are looking for applications that allow owners to attract new customers, reduce abandoned shopping, increase sales. Solutions that facilitate the conduct policy discounts, coupons implementation, building coverage through new sales channels, as well as tools to promote the store's offer. We expect solutions to activities in the area of email marketing, wholesale product promotion and statistical analysis.


We are looking for solutions that will support the development of sales in the stores by increasing the number of products added to the cart, even within the same order (related products). We are committed to obtaining intelligent mechanisms of product recommendationsand recovery of abandoned shopping carts.

Social media

We are committed to obtaining the application of social media, which will naturally popularize the store and its products in the individual channels, purchase initiate transactions, advertise specific products and gather user feedback. We are looking for solutions in the area of social media marketing (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and others).

Sales channels

We are looking for applications which will lead sales in different channels. We want solutions that integrate Shoper with Allegro (bilateral, advanced integration), DaWanda, Pakamera, Mustasch, Domodi, Ebay. We also looking for tools that will allow customers to log in to the store from their accounts in social media.


We are looking for solutions to manage inventory in the store. We want easy-to-use import and export of data, automated inventory management, the mechanisms which allow to import data pre-defined databases by CWD. And thus conveniently monitor and synchronize products and variants in the store.


Solutions for convenient bookkeeping. Orders, projects, advances, deposits, withdrawals, expenses and income - all should be managed easily. We are looking for the solutions returning data from the store to the selected accounting software and warehouse.


We are looking for applications that facilitate logistics in the shop, allowing easy and convenient way to manage this part of sale. We are interested in the integration of individual couriers, brokers services and other specific services.

Customer service

We are committed to obtaining solutions that will help ensure comprehensive customer service in the online store. Here we expect tools like a mechanism cottage, customer reviews, support, helpdesk, knowledge base, loyalty programs, etc. As well as solutions that allow you to combine use of several channels in one. It is also desirable CRM systems that can be tailored to your business needs.

Reports and analysis

We are looking for solutions that allow the tracking of customer behavior, conversion rate, bounce & analyze buying behavior - which will allow to forecast sales and also make informed decisions about various areas of investment.

We give a unique place to promote your ideas and apps. Thanks us your solutions will be used by owners of Internet's best shops, not only in Poland.

We provide transparent system of remuneration and promotion of your apps among the thousands of e-shops owners. Already in the App Store Shoper earn courier services, systems integration and wholesalers.

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What you should know
before creating an application?

What is an App Store Shoper app?

An application is any Shoper software extension (new feature, widget, integration tool for warehouse stores or other external systems etc.), placed on the Shoper platform and designed for online store owners or their clients, complementary (but not duplicative!) to built-in Shoper features.

  • Why App Store and for whom are applications available?

    App Store Shoper is a software platform connecting authors/developers with online stores owners. Every application ready to be published and accepted by the platform owner will be released in App Store, where it’ll be available to use for every SaaS store owner.
    App Store is the only official publishing channel for Shoper extensions and gives you the opportunity to access thousands of online stores on Shoper platform.

  • New extensions suggestions

    Each application goes through business evaluation and technical feasibility analysis process.
    Everytime after submitting an application idea, usefulness for customers as well as its compatibility and impact on Shoper platform is assessed.
    Shoper App Store administrator reserves the right to reject an application (or idea) if it doesn’t meet the above requirements or it could jeopardize the system security or integrity. Therefore, we suggest that you share with us the idea of an application before its development - to avoid losing your spend time and money.

  • App Store application in stores with Stand Alone Licence

    Unfortunately, some of applications may not be available for owners of Stand Alone online stores. Shoper App Store is designed to be primarily compatible with Shoper SaaS platform, so Stand Alone Licence store (especially if it’s hosted on customer’s own hosting) doesn’t guarantee proper working of App Store extensions (e.g. due to deep back-end or front-end modifications).

  • Take your first steps with...

    We recommend that you should review provided information for developers that will allow you to effectively and efficiently use our App Store environment. It has its own specifics often different from competitive platforms. Therefore, we recommend our contributors participating in our webinars and trainings for developers.

    To become an application developer, the first thing you have to do is to sign up for the Reseller Program according to the guidelines:

    Right after your enroll, we’ll automatically create a developer account in our system - this is the place where you will have an overview of your current billing, app sales statistics, applications status information, version overview etc.

    At the same time, you’ll create a test online shop with a unique address and individual orders and end customers database with administration panel access - so you can keep up with the ongoing development of your application. All the time - until the final version is approved - your application will be unavailable to other customers and developers.

    Your work on the application should start with getting familiar with the information on - with the information about REST API in particular. One of the key information to developers is that we provide SDK to create front-end extensions and below you can find the whole information about it:

    We also recommend you to get familiar with our GitHub account with a few sample applications and bundle for Symfony framework provided:

Your first application
in the App Store

  • How you can add an application to Shoper App Store?

    After registration in our Reseller Program, after you have automatically created a developer store and after logging in to the admin panel of your account ( you should choose Appstore > My Applications:

    Menu Appstore Shoper

    The "Add Application" link will be available in the right panel:

    Moje aplikacje Shoper

    In next step you should fill in the form with additional elements such as icon, pictures and screenshots - on early development stage you can add temporary pictures, but they should be replaced with correct ones before finishing the project.

    After completing the form, your application appears on list with additional information about status, upload time and its version:

    Lista aplikacji Shoper

  • Application description and pictures

    Every application published in App Store needs to have a brief (but correct and understandable) description that gives each customer a clear understanding of how it works and quickly assesses whether it’s useful in their store. In other words: a description has to SELL the application, but not to show its technical complexity. The mandatory elements of an application description are your software screenshots or other pictures of the current appearance of application key features. Preparing a proper description is is one of an author's/developer's tasks.

  • Manual

    A manual is the next mandatory element, essential even in small, simple application. A manual should contain features description, information how user should act and - when it’s necessary - more specific technical data and requirements. Preparation of a manual is another author’s/developer’s task.

  • Video tutorial

    While an instruction is required for every single application, a video tutorial can be a very helpful addition to it. Preferred content of this video is the instruction manual in the form of a video clip, it can also present the use of the application by a tester or developer.
    For recording you can use e.g, which allows you to easily register what happens in the selected area of the screen of the device on which you are testing the application. Immediately after recording, it is possible to put a clip on YouTube. Author/developer is a person responsible for preparing the tutorial.

  • Application update

    The new development versions of your application are created by editing the previously added application not by adding a new one!

    Ustawienia aplikacji Shoper

    Each change saved in your application settings causes an instant change of app version, so we recommend corrections for major changes only - each edition may cause up to a dozen or more versions of the application before it is published.
    The update is immediately available in the developer’s store, while customers see an update in their stores only after verification by App Store testers. What's more, updating a client store application is not automatic, but must be triggered by the client.

  • Application publishing

    Each application (both new and updated) goes through the verification process (prior to its publication) and some additional preparation by the operator of the App Store platform. This phase includes: acceptance tests, editing of presentations (description, graphics), creation of help page at etc.
    Only after a successful completion of these steps, application can be published in the App Store. Approx. time of the entire process since filling “ready-to-test” form - may take up to 2 weeks.

  • "Ready-to-test" form

    Just after creating the app it must pass acceptance testing process by App Store platform operator. It’s only possible after the developer of the application submits it for publication using the “Ready-to-test” form:
    Lack of the required positions (e.g. manual) will cause rejecting the application from the whole process.
    You shouldn’t submit not finished or not tested application to publication - if you try to publish an app that hasn’t passed the testing process or without finished pictures, descriptions, manuals etc., application will be revoked, and that will result in the protraction of the whole publishing process.

  • Foreign markets - multi-lingual applications are preferred

    Shoper App Store supports multi-language applications so you can use the appropriate languages in your app
    However, there is no need to create and publish separate applications for any foreign market - the system will recognize by itself which language the application will display according to the language version defined in the store settings.

  • Support and customer service

    The developer/publisher of the application is responsible for technical support and customer service related to the application.

Cooperation details

  • App pricing

    When submitting your application, please provide the payment model and the suggested price for an application in the form. This doesn’t mean that an application will be available to customers at that price - we are assessing not only the publisher's suggestion, but also app complexity, the availability of similar solutions on the market, estimated number of customers and the overall market status. Dreamcommerce SA reserves the right to final pricing valuation of the application.

  • Billing models and commission payments

    The buyer of the application (store owner) receives the invoice from the Dreamcommerce SA. For every paid application, the Shoper App Store platform provider charges 30% of the commission, while 70% is the publisher's/author\’s revenue. Commision payment is based on the invoice issued by the application developer - the current amount of the commission to pay is available in the developer's reseller panel. The minimum threshold for commission payment is set at PLN 500 net.
    Commission for platform provider also apply to other forms of payment for applications (for example: free application installation, paid premium version on external servers), the publisher of the application is required to provide a whole billing (online or offline). Payment of commissions is based on invoice issued by the Dreamcommerce SA.

  • Application disabling or removing

    The Shoper App Store platform operator reserves the right to withdraw (temporarily or permanently) an application from the App Store if the app is not working properly or cannot be installed in the store due to a lack of customization/updates for new versions of Shoper software, API changes or security issues. For example: one of the reason for withdrawing an application may be an excessive/uncontrolled webhook creation or other bugs that may affect performance of the store. If you have any questions, please email us at

  • Promotional activities

    The Shoper App Store operator is committed to promoting the entire App Store platform as well as the individual applications. These actions are addressed contextually both to customers/online store owners and to Shoper software resellers.
    We encourage all developers to independently promote their own extensions. However, any such activities should be consulted with the Dreamcommerce PR department.

  • Changes notifications

    Developer/publisher of the app is committed to maintain compatibility with the latest Shoper software releases and has the right to make functional changes to the functionality of their apps. However, before publishing a new version, you must notify the App Store via the form which has been already mentioned above.
    We provide a software updates at first on your developer accounts, allowing you to test the functionality of your add-ons in advance.

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