Business profile

Shoper is a leader of e-commerce platforms available on the Polish market in the SaaS model. Shoper software allows entrepreneurs to quickly, easily and conveniently set up their own online shop and conduct sales in the online channel.


Shoper offer is comprehensive and includes a subscription-based Shoper e-commerce platform and a number of additional services aimed at increasing the effectiveness of online store sales.

The Shoper platform is based on a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution where software is made available as a service in exchange for a subscription fee. Shoper Platform is offered in several subscription options, allowing for its flexible adaptation to the needs of the client.

The company's business model includes the Shoper platform and additional services offered in the pay-as-you-grow model, correlated directly with the number of orders or the amount of turnover generated by stores on the platform. The business model applied by Shoper is highly scalable and allows it to grow along with its clients' business.

The most important additional services offered by Shoper include Shoper Payments, Shoper Campaigns, Shoper Applications.

The scope of Shoper's operations covers primarily Polish territory.