Development strategy

Shoper's growth strategy is to maintain its leading market position in offering software for the e-commerce in the SaaS model.

Strategia rozwoju

Increasing the user base of the Shoper platform

  • Organic growth by acquiring a large number of new Shoper users starting their e-commerce business.
  • Acquire customers transitioning from open source to SaaS and customers of competing SaaS solutions.
  • Acquisitions of competing, smaller SaaS-based e-commerce platforms to acquire their customer base or expand their service offerings.
  • Shoper allows for international expansion in the future, in the countries of the European Union and so-called emerging markets.

Increase the share of revenue coming from the pay-as-you-grow model

  • Development of additional services offered by Shoper and increasing their user base among new and existing customers.
  • Targeting additional services beyond the Shoper platform user base.
  • Introducing new value-added services tied to the number or value of orders processed in online stores (PAYG).

Development of offerings to support multi-channel sales

  • Expanding the offer within the own brand sector and by developing services offered in cooperation with external suppliers.
  • Development of ErpBox application, gathering tools for on-line store process automation and integration of Shoper platform and individual stores with external providers (including foreign ones), thanks to which clients gain access to sales channels in Europe.

The mission of Shoper S.A. is to enable development of the e-commerce market in Poland by offering modern solutions for a wide range of businesses.

The vision of Shoper S.A. is to continually improve the platform based on the SaaS model and to constantly expand the service offer, which consists of a complete ecosystem for e-commerce based on the Shoper platform and related additional services.