The public offering of Shoper shares enjoyed high interest from investors. The sales price per share in the offering was set at the maximum price, i.e. PLN 47.00. The value of the offering will amount to PLN 363 million, of which 91.9 percent of shares will be purchased by institutional investors and the remaining 8.1 percent by individual investors.

– Shoper’s offer has met with high interest from investors. During the roadshow meetings we received a lot of positive feedback from institutional investors in the context of our business model based on SaaS solutions and pay-as-you-grow, which allows us to grow with the users of our platform. The potential for further scaling of the business has been positively assessed and we have challenging work ahead of us to execute on our strategy and continue to grow dynamically year-on-year. We are also pleased with the interest from individual investors who gain access to another interesting entity with exposure to the e-commerce industry – comments Marcin Kuśmierz, CEO of Shoper.

Shoper is a leader in the Polish market of e-commerce software providers in the SaaS model – according to the Company’s data, it has about 45% market share in terms of the number of customers served, and including shops sold on the basis of private labels, this share increases to about 57%. It enables entrepreneurs to conveniently, quickly and easily set up their own Internet shop and conduct sales in the online channel. The Company’s comprehensive offer includes the Shoper platform, available in the form of a subscription, which allows flexible adjustment to the needs of a given client and a number of services sold in the pay-as-you-grow (PAYG) model, correlated directly with the number of orders or the volume of turnover (GMV) generated by shops on the platform.

The subject of the offer are 7,731,628 shares of the company, which represent 27.11% of the share capital and 27.50% of votes at the General Meeting (together with the stabilization option, about 9% of the number of shares in the offer). The offerors of the shares are the company’s current shareholders, i.e. the private equity fund V4C POLAND PLUS FUND S.C.A. SICAV FIAR, Modhaus sp. z o.o., KFF Sarl, Krzysztof Krawczyk and Rafał Krawczyk. The selling shareholders and the Company have agreed not to sell or issue shares of the Company for a period of 360 days after the offering. The managers of the offering are mBank S.A., PKO BP Brokerage House and WOOD & Company Financial Services, a.s.

In addition to determining the price per share, the number of shares was also divided between individual investors, who were ultimately offered 623,512 shares, representing approximately 8 percent of the offered shares, and institutional investors, who will receive the remaining 7,108,116 shares. The allotment date is set for July 5.

– Shoper operates in a rapidly growing market and we are growing even faster than it, with very good prospects for the coming years. We have a plan to achieve our ambitious goals of increasing the user base of the Shoper platform to 50 thousand online shops in 2026 and increasing the share of revenues correlated with the scale of operations of shops in the pay-as-you-grow model to 80%. While working to achieve these goals we want to follow the best practices of listed companies and gain trust in the eyes of investors – adds Marcin Kuśmierz.

The solutions offered by Shoper were used by over 21,000 shops at the end of Q1 2021, including approximately 17,000 direct customers who generated nearly PLN 4.5 billion in GMV1) during the 12 months ended March 31, 2021. The remaining approximately 4.2 thousand shops were sold under the Private Label formula by the Company’s partners. Shoper services are used by, among others: Wawel, Kanał Sportowy, Pat&Rub, Kruger&Matz, Military Property Agency.

In Q1 2021, Shoper generated approximately PLN 15.8 million in revenue, up 71 percent year-on-year. Operating profit increased by 69 percent to approximately PLN 5.5 million, and net profit by 92 percent to approximately PLN 4.5 million.