Shoper, a leader in the Polish market of e-commerce solutions offered in the SaaS model, published its preliminary estimated financial results for Q4 and the whole year 2021. Revenues, adjusted EBITDA and turnover on the platform grew at the fastest rate ever.

Revenues in 2021 amounted to PLN 80.3 million and were as much as 71% higher than in the previous year. Revenues grew even faster in Q4 2021, which amounted to PLN 26.9 million, an increase of over 85% compared to the same period in 2020. It is worth noting that the revenue generated by Shoper in the last quarter of 2021 was almost equal to the revenue achieved by the Company in the entire year 2019. Over the last 3 years, Shoper has increased its revenue four times.

Adjusted EBITDA in 2021 amounted to PLN 30.9 million and was 49% higher than a year earlier. In Q4 2021, adjusted EBITDA increased by more than 68% year-on-year and exceeded PLN 9 million.

Sales on the Shoper platform (GMV) grew at an equally record pace in 2021, reaching 5.8 billion PLN for own shops (Stores) and 6.4 billion PLN for multi-channel sales (Omnichannel), i.e. in own shops and connected shopping platforms. This represents an increase of 44% and 46% respectively compared to 2020. Q4 of the previous year was also the best in terms of GMV growth of the Shoper platform. Sales on the Shoper platform amounted to PLN 1.9 billion for Stores and PLN 2.0 billions for Omnichannel in this period. This represents growth of 54% and 51% respectively compared to 2020.

– We have had a very successful year and the prospect of rapid growth in the current year. We are most pleased with the development of our clients and the rapid increase in sales that they generate on the Shoper platform. We are intensively investing in the development of the product offer to actively support them and build a competitive advantage – comments Marcin Kuśmierz, Chief Executive Officer of Shoper.

– Shoper’s record financial results are a derivative of the success of our clients. The percentage of revenue related to services based on the pay-as-you-grow model exceeded 70% and is closely linked to the value of sales on the Shoper platform. Record levels of GMV contributed to the best ever financial results of Shoper – says Piotr Biczysko, Chief Financial Officer of Shoper.

In 2021, Shoper continued to rapidly develop its product offering by launching both new platform functionalities and introducing completely new product families. Financial services, logistics solutions for e-commerce or cloud computing are just examples of the offer that expanded last year. Shoper was primarily focused on developing its product offering, which directly accelerated the growth of its clients’ businesses by increasing their sales.

– The Shoper platform enables small and medium-sized enterprises to trade effectively online. We offer them a wide range of e-commerce services and professional advice that enables their effective use. Shoper also supports its clients in the development of multi-channel and international sales. Great understanding of customer needs, expectations and a partnership relationship make them grow so fast – adds Paweł Rybak, Chief Commercial Officer of Shoper.

In July 2021, Shoper debuted on the Warsaw Stock Exchange and already in December joined the sWIG80 index. The stock exchange debut contributed to a significant strengthening of Shoper’s brand recognition and confidence in the company as the most popular provider of online shops in the Software as a Service model in Poland.

The Shoper business model is characterized by a high level of scalability, which improves profitability along with the increase in the number of platform users. At the end of 2021, the company served 33 thousand clients, of which nearly 26 thousand directly and over 7 thousand in the private label model, providing its services to business partners. The pillars of the Shoper offer are 4 product families, i.e. online shops, online advertising, financial and logistics services.