Shoper S.A., the owner of Poland’s most popular e-commerce platform for running online shops, has allocated the shares offered in its public share offering. The price of the shares sold was set at the maximum price, i.e. PLN 47.00, which means that the value of the entire offering amounted to PLN 363 million. Shoper’s offer attracted very high interest, which resulted in a 92.5% reduction of subscriptions from individual investors. Shoper plans to debut on the WSE within a few days.

The Shoper offer included 7,731,628 shares in the company, representing 27.11% of the share capital and 27.50% of votes at the General Meeting (together with the stabilisation option, approximately 9% of the number of shares on offer). The offerors of the shares are the company’s current shareholders, i.e. the private equity fund V4C POLAND PLUS FUND S.C.A. SICAV FIAR, Modhaus sp. z o.o., KFF Sarl, Krzysztof Krawczyk and Rafał Krawczyk. The selling shareholders and the Company have agreed not to sell or issue shares in the Company for a period of 360 days after the offer.

According to the allotment, individual investors will subscribe for 623,512 shares, representing approximately 8.1% of the offered shares, and institutional investors will receive the remaining 7,108,116 shares, representing approximately 91.9% of the offered shares.

– I would like to thank all investors who has spent their time to understand our company and participated in the offer. I believe that the successful implementation of our strategy and further development of Shoper against the background of the growing e-commerce industry in Poland and worldwide, will reward the time and trust placed in us. We are very pleased with the IPO and the interest it generated among individual and institutional investors, which reflects the high level of reduction – comments Marcin Kuśmierz, CEO of Shoper.

Individual investors placed a total of approximately 2.7 thousand subscriptions for approximately 8.3 million shares, resulting in an average reduction rate of approximately 92.5 percent. The value of the entire offering was approximately PLN 363 million./

– I am pleased with the large number of individual investors who have subscribed for Shoper shares. They see the high potential of the e-commerce industry and we are proud to be another representative of this dynamically growing segment on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. We have an intensive period ahead of us and ambitious goals to achieve, but we are prepared for this task – adds Marcin Kuśmierz.

Shoper’s debut on the WSE is planned within a few days.