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Google Adwords, advertisments in Google - E-commerce Shoper University part 1

Want to quickly be visible in the search results? See how to start to advertise with Google AdWords as well Merchant Center and invest your money efficiently.

Google Adwords

Promotion and advertisement in online store - E-commerce Shoper University part 2

How to promote store in the Web and measure effectiveness of marketing activities. What language is used by adverstising industry and how not to squander the budget? We will answer these and other questions related to the promotion of your store.

Promocja i reklama

Graphics in online store - E-commerce Shoper University part 3

Stand out or perish - graphics in online store matters! Check out how to take care of his appearance that customers buy from you more often

Grafika w sklepie internetowym

Five key principles of customer service - E-commerce Shoper University part 4

Especially in online stores you need to take care of good relations with customers. Find out how to impress your clients.

5 najważniejszych zasad obsługi klienta

Online shop and the GIODO - E-commerce Shoper University part 5

Do you need to report online store to the General Inspector of Personal Data? How to register? We will answer these and other questions related to the collection of personal data.

Sklep internetowy a GIODO

Products descriptions - E-commerce Shoper University part 6

How to properly describe the products for the customers? How information about the products affects shop's SEO? What is content marketing and why do you need to use it?

Opisy produktów

Positioning of online store - E-commerce Shoper University part 7

What is search engine optimization of the shop? How to achieve high ranks in Google? Learn how to fight against major competitors and increase sales in your store.


The law on consumer rights and Internet sales - E-commerce Shoper University part 8

A year ago, came into force a new law on consumer rights, which had a considerable influence on the sale on the Internet. See summary.

Ustawa o prawach konsumenta

Be like - Explore personalized recommendations - E-commerce Shoper University part 9

Be like and build your sale through personalized recommendations. Get to know 7 strategies that you need to have on your website and learn how the Quarticon application works.

Bądź jak Amazon

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