Take care of the strong position in search engines

Our online store is built by recommendations of Google.
You can be sure that your business will have a structure
optimized for the major search engines.

Also, you can use a range of dedicated services,
with which you will build a strong position in your store.

Shoper campaings

Best online ads?
Google AdWords, of cours.

Shoper Kampanie - kampanie adwords dla klientów Shoper

We offer a full service campaign, with constant optimization. Just give us know that you want to start making real money.

Social media

There is no strong brand,
without a good position in social media.

Social media na Shoper

Thats why Shoper still trying to promote e-businesses on the Facebook (Dynamic Ads ) and other social media channels.

Sales & Coupons

Encourage clients to more frequent purchases,
rewarding their activities.

Kupony rabatowe Shoper

System of discount coupons is a good way for giving special offers to your customers. Our software has functionalities for any kind of e-business.

Loyalty club

A satisfied customer is a well served customer. Therefore give him the feeling that you treat consumer in a special way.

Program lojalnościowy Shoper

Bet on creativity and build positive relationships with your customers, and fight for their loyalty. Well-run loyalty program will bring you the same benefits.

Google Analytics

Work like a pro -
use analytical tools from Google Analytics.

Raporty Google Analytics - jak korzystać opisuje Shoper

Have you ever wondered how many people visit your store? What kind of offer they are looking for? Gain this knowledge and important feedback with GA integration.

Seo Adds

Give your potential customers much more
reasons to do shopping.

Rich snippets jako standard na platformie sklepów internetowych Shoper

You don't have to worry about the technical aspects of cooperation with the most popular search engines. We provide you rich snippets and canonical URLs.

Report sales

Check on a daily basis
who & what buyin in your online store.

Rozbudowane raporty sprzedaży na Shoper

Shoper offers a convenient reports from sales and store operations, so everyone can monitor the performance of its e-business.


Provide customers with the most
compelling content and start blogging!

Prowadź bloga na platformie sklepów internetowych Shoper

No need to worry about where you can posting and how effective will be blogging. Our blog is integrated with the store, so you have everything in one place.

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